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” Nina’s look hardened, she was momentarily back in office mode, and answered forcefully, “Very firmly indeed.” Mrs.

Hopkins laughed when she saw a distressed looking Hannah, and said, “Hey dear, maybe I’ll lend Nina my hairbrush after I’ve used it on her bare bottom.” Hannah and Nina both gasped but for different reasons.

Nina said, “Call Lucy will you and say we are not to be disturbed.” Mrs.

Hopkins made a mental note that Lucy must know her boss is spanked and toyed with the idea of telling Hannah not to make the call but from her point of view she wanted to negotiate the lowest possible price later on and this was just a very pleasant extra bonus.

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Med vores forfatterlogin, får du også glæden ved at se hvormange der læser dine historier, samt hvad de synes om dem, via deres pointafgivelse.

I don’t want to crumple up your lovely suit.” Nina slipped her jacket off her shoulders and Mrs.

Hopkins looked almost enviously at Nina’s long nicely shaped bare arms.

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5 * = den stenhrde eller vdeste reaktion p en skn historie/en smuk historie 4 * = god, solid ophidsende historie 3 * = en ok fortlling 2 * = rum for forbedring 1 * = virkelig drlig og usammenhngende fortlling Det er ikke nødvendigt at oprette et login, for at læse de frække historier.

She knew her way around computers and so quickly copied the photos in to another directory, found a picture slideshow programme and set the photos to run on the video screen. Nina looked at the screen and immediately saw they were her photos. She is the Sales Director but reported to the Managing Director and she didn’t know about Nina being spanked at home. She already knew the lowest price Nina could go to so that wasn’t an issue. There was no way she wanted her boss to know about this. Hopkins was going to spank Nina here and now, in the boardroom at the office. Real humiliation and what if anyone else walked in?